My Offerings


My interest in providing one on one narrative counselling, allows people to open up about issues and concerns that bring confusion and/or overthinking that makes it difficult to make decisions that impact everyday living and relationships.  The trusting environment I uphold, ultimately brings a sense of calmness and understanding on misunderstandings and perspectives.


Many people ask ‘why mediate?’ - five points: brings clarity, increases memory retention, greater sense of peace, increases the immune system and helps regulate the digestive system.  From personal experience, meditation helps understand the perspective we may be facing: love or fear - that is formulated through our memories and experiences from our childhood to adulthood.  Learning meditation techniques can bring space to catch our negative thought patterns and guide us to solutions that makes sense to us.

Community Resources

I believe taking part in community helps one grow, learn and bring joy to each other.  Radio and dance classes have given me different opportunities to help bring the community together.  Radio has helped me talk about social issues that the south asian community, have traditionally had a difficult time to open about.  Dance has allowed the language of being free and coming together as a community in a fun and fitness way.

"I really appreciate your gentle counselling approach. Your counselling provides a safe and non judgmental place for me when I’m addressing my issues and feelings. Your calm personality helps my anxiety and anger. I truly like your new perspective about things and it helps me to look at things in a positive way. You are very supportive.
Thank you! "

P. Thind

Work with me!

It starts with a phone call or email. Please reach out and get in touch. 

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