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Bhangra Dance

"When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you"
Paulo Coelho
Dance is a way for oneself to express themselves. It brings a sense of community, provides physical and mental relaxation, joy, laughter and a form of exercise. The bhangra dance classes started after I had the chance to take part in Kundalini yoga events and presented bhangra that is incorporated within the yoga sets, as it helps decrease breast cancer, increase lymphatic system and circulation. Workshops take place at various yoga studios, for an hour, where tradition, fitness, and fun are all in one. All levels are welcome and no experience is required. Come and take part in a dance class to destress and have fun with your community.


My Radio 580AM

-Bringing Albertans together

Radio still plays a vital role in today’s world, as it is more than just announcers, news and songs. Radio is about companionship and an emotional connection with the listener. It is a source of information, easy to use, it is live and most importantly it is human. I have been lucky to start off with Radio Sursangam, a multicultural radio show, that opens up conversation on topics and issues that have been considered taboo in the south asian community. Today, I continue my conversations on social issues that impact our south asian listeners and community on My Alberta, 580AM guiding and providing information on new ways for people to communicate about family dynamics, addictions, mental health and/or loss and grief.

Radio shows take place every first and third Tuesday of the month on the morning show with Raj Klair and Gursharan Buttar at 8:15AM. 

Published Articles

Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is the voice, for commercial transportation industry in Alberta and prints monthly chronicles that provides information for truck drivers (essential workers) who spend time on the road to bring resources for our communities.  

Read a published article in the December 2020 chronicle on: 'Why mental health is important for those on the road'. 

Aman at South Edmonton Chiropractic Centre

South Edmonton Chiropractic is pleased to now offer counselling services for individuals and families lead by Aman Dhaliwal.

Read More About Aman's Services Offered at South Side Chiropractic

"My son and I had been growing apart for the last few years, couldn't have conversation without him getting into anger and rage. Then I met Aman, I found her to be compassionate, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Her counselling skills and plans for me, really helped. My relationship with my son has improved remarkably."

Work with me!

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