Meet Aman.

Registered Social Worker

Meet Aman

Life is a journey, full of successes, downfalls, happiness, confusion and most of all stress.  Humans tend to reach out for support, when they feel; Fear. Anxiety. Uncertainty.  As a registered social worker, I’ve had a great interest in learning and understanding human behavior.  Hearing stories, providing emotional, empathetic support, acknowledging the person's experience and most of all learning about the individual's family system/community, inspires me to cheer on for change that creates self-development, spiritual growth, and empowering community.  I’ve had the chance to elevate my skills for people to feel secure, hopeful, increase faith and most of all, motivate inspiration. Through narrative therapy, solution-focused and motivational counselling. I’ve had the joy to see people gain hope, find solutions and most of all change perspectives from negative to positive.  Let’s trust that anything is possible!

Aman’s Unique Approach to Counselling

Social work has shown me that people can find it difficult to open up about experiences that may be uncomfortable to discuss. I want to provide a sense of trust, by allowing people to meet either in a clinic-based room or out in the community at a coffee shop.  This allows the individual to make them feel at ease and gain trust to open up about their personal stories.


Individual/Couple Counselling

Share your story and open up about personal challenges and learn new perspectives.

community supports/resources

 Learn simple meditation techniques to create more awareness and clarity within yourself.  


"Aman helped me during the most important time of my life, motherhood. Dealing with motherhood has been rewarding but dealing with anxiety and depression especially after giving birth can be hard to deal with all the emotions and hormones Aman has helped with my cognitive behavior thought process and helped me get through my negative thoughts and made me motivated in retraining the right positive thoughts."

"I really appreciate your gentle counselling approach. Your counselling provides a safe and non judgmental place for me when I’m addressing my issues and feelings. Your calm personality helps my anxiety and anger. I truly like your new perspective about things and it helps me to look at things in a positive way. You are very supportive.
Thank you! "

P. Thind

"My son and I had been growing apart for the last few years, couldn't have conversation without him getting into anger and rage. Then I met Aman, I found her to be compassionate, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Her counselling skills and plans for me, really helped. My relationship with my son has improved remarkably."

"Aman was a very easy choice for my counselling for two main reasons. First, she is very easy to talk to and creates a non-judgmental environment that allowed me to open up beyond the conversations I was having with my family and support persons. Second, Aman s approach balances compassion and empathy with identifying themes, causes and patterns of thought. Leaving each session felt like productive work had been done and i look forward to our subsequent meetings."

J. Issac

Radio Show

You can listen to Aman on My Alberta, 580AM on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 11:11 am. Tune in to the Morning Show with Raj Kler anywhere in Alberta and and listen on the different topics and social issues impacting south asian community. 

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