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"Counselling is a way for you to have space for storytelling in a creative and non-judgmental way, in order to find your own solutions and most of all realizing your self-worth'.

My career as a registered social worker started 14 years ago after completing my Bachelors of International Development, Bachelors of Social Work, and Masters of Social Work in Community Development from the University of Calgary. In my practice I have been fortunate to gain immense experience within a clinical setting in the health care system that entailed:

  • Psycho-social assessments, understanding basic needs, supports and financial distress
  • Family and caregiver support in areas of Nephrology/kidney care; diabetes
  • Grief support/end of life discussions with patients families
  • Crisis intervention within Nephrology outpatient clinics
  • Patient and family advocacy within the government and health care system
  • Family meetings to discuss mental health and medical interventions
  • Implementation of early intervention and behavior programs with families who have children diagnosed with autism  
  • Motivational and supportive counselling through narrative therapy, solution focused and strength based therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy to break negative thoughts that maybe causing anxiety 

After working within a clinical setting for some time, I was able to enhance my social work skills through travel, allowing me to gain a better understanding of different cultures.  Spending time in India, at an orphanage in Nasik, Gujrat and Rescue Center in Nairobi, Kenya, allowed me to volunteer, as a social worker to learn first hand about different worldviews and perspectives seen in different communities enhancing my practice to support our multi-cultural communities in Alberta.  Few years ago, I travelled to the United Kingdom and worked with Public Health England and learned how culture and communities can be influential by impacting on how individuals feel, think, behave and respond to particular events that occur.  Public Health included:

  • Drug Addiction Center (Recovery Near You, Wolverhampton)
  • Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) 
  • Education Service for Irish Travellers and Roma 

It was during my time in the United Kingdom, that I was introduced to the value of mindfulness meditation with breathing techniques incorporated in counselling sessions with clients.  The desire to learn more about mindfulness and how it can help guide and open up different perspectives allowed me to understand how the holistic approach can be powerful, helpful and impactful. For this reason, upon my return back to Alberta, I took the step to learn more about the holistic approach and become certified to teach meditation within group setting as well as, one on one sessions.  Areas where mindfulness meditation can bring awareness to the issues facing an individual are: 

  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Family dynamics and struggles - learning ways to open up different perspectives on the issue
  • Addictions and Anger
  • Loss and Grief
  • Work related struggles
  • Coping Skills
  • Motivation for goal setting
  • Trauma from car accidents

Recently, I've had the chance to extend my social work practice within community development through local radio and podcasting both in Edmonton and Calgary, by using the platform to inspire change and motivation from a bottom up approach, taking strength of community members to build inspiration and goals for a healthier future.  In addition, having the ability to communicate not only in English, but in Punjabi and Hindi, has allowed me to reach out to Alberta south asian community that have traditionally not been comfortable to talk about issues that impact personal well-being and cultural family structures.   

Throughout my work and travel experience, my social work career, thus far has taught me that no matter what situation or issue we are facing, we all need to share our story with someone we can trust and feel safe with who also has a non-judgmental nature.  Counselling sessions with me, will be about guidance, listening, different perspectives and support during your time that feels daunting, confusing and overwhelming.  My goal is to have one realize their own self worth and truly believe that with trust, empathy, support and engaging with someone who understands community, customs and influences, anything is possible.  Reach out today and let's work together and find solutions and different perspectives on the challenges that you are facing.  




"Aman helped me during the most important time of my life, motherhood. Dealing with motherhood has been rewarding but dealing with anxiety and depression especially after giving birth can be hard to deal with all the emotions and hormones Aman has helped with my cognitive behavior thought process and helped me get through my negative thoughts and made me motivated in retraining the right positive thoughts."

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